The older generation rolling their eyes at the sensitivities of young people is a tale as old as time, but maybe there’s value in being emotional.
Fizzy Noor
During the COVID-pandemic, prisoners in the UK have been kept in their cell approximately 23 hours a day for almost two years - although the UN denotes solitary confinement as torture. What is it like to be locked-down in prison? A TNV report by Clotilde Nogues. 
Clotilde Nogues
Treating depression with lifestyle changes has become a mantra of the mental health community. But do mindfulness exercises, baths and better diets really help or are we just deflecting from the harmful effects that the social conditions of late capitalism can have on the individual? 
Genevieve Richardson
While blackness was once depicted as a sexual threat to white females, nowadays it has become a code for hyper-masculinity and potency. How does the ‘BBC’-stereotype influence the self-image of black men in Britain?   
Georgia Butler
The Covid-19 pandemic has emptied public venues and turned stadiums and theatres into haunted buildings – but what happens when life moves back in? A personal account by journalist and author Sam Moore.
Sam Moore

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