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The New Voice seeks to be the weekly magazine for the digital age. We aim to provide our readers with a mix of cultural, political, social and economic coverage that informs, entertains and advises without ever being dogmatic or ideologically narrow-minded. We believe that in a time so saturated with news, online chatter, big data, facts and propaganda, it is necessary to cut a path through the ever-growing labyrinth of information by slowing down the infinite stream of live reporting and focusing on a few, worthwhile stories that manage to capture the spirit of our time and represent a truthful image of reality. We will not be a ‘news magazine’ in the traditional sense of the word but allow ourselves the luxury of careful contemplation. The New Voice will aim to show life in its interconnectedness, complexity and variety in a way that will be both opinionated, balanced and informative.

While we are non-partisan, we have – it cannot be denied – a slightly old-fashioned, progressive bend that we cherish and cultivate. If given the choice between ideological polarisation and the path of moderation, we will always choose temperance and the democratic middle ground over cheap culture wars and political division.

January 2022, London

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